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No matter how you spell it, the Dust Buddy is the professional contractors favorite dust shroud for hand grinders. The DustBuddie fits a wide array of hand grinders and features a removable front lip for grinding up against a wall. The brush skirt provides a cushion affect for smoother operation and superior dust control.

Protect workers and save valuable time and money by capturing dust on the jobsite at its point of origin. Dustless Technologies makes a full line of smart dust control shrouds and specialty tools that are mandated by the EPA for RRP work that involves lead paint. Learn more about the regulations and how Dustless tools can help you avoid costly fines.

Dust Shrouds
Dustless® Technologies offers several types of dust shrouds for smart dust control with hand grinders. The Dustie™ is the most economical dust collection solution. It features a flex-flange mounting collar that makes it very easy to mount on to all popular makes of hand grinders. Simply slip it in place and tighten a band clamp. The Dustie™ is made of flexible, lightweight plastic that permits the operator to work at a variety of angles while capturing 99% of the airborne dust.

You can trim the front edge of a Dustie™ down with a pair of shears or ban saw and attach an optional cover plate to make a dust shroud suitable for decorative concrete cutting, tuck pointing and crack chasing.

The next step up in dust shrouds is the DustBuddie®. A smart dust control system. The DustBuddie® is made of clear polycarbonate for improved visibility, and it features a brush skirt on the working edge that provides a cushioning affect for better operator control, smoother grinding and better dust collection. The DustBuddie® also features a removable front lip for grinding up against a wall.

Smart Dust Control Tools – Dustless® Certified HEPA Wet Dry Vacuum
Dustless HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum helps recover asbestos, lead dust, and other airborne pollutants. This product meets EPA, OSHA and NIOSH requirements and is certified to IEST-RP-CC001.5, insuring a minimum filtration efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 micron. Changes from wet to dry pickup without removing filters. Includes: 2 extension wands, crevice tool, utility nozzle, 1 Micro Pre-filter bag, 12' crushproof hose, and 16 gallon capacity canister. Water Lift/Air Flow: 76.9"/126.39 CFM. 5 hp, 10.6-amp/120V motor with 15’ power cord.

Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuums
The Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum features a patented filter system that lets the operator clean the filters without opening the canister. Simply remove the agitator rod cover, and wiggle the agitator rod from side to side to knock dirt and debris off the Primary filter. The canister stays closed and no dust escapes into the air. Both the Primary and Secondary filters are machine washable. A WunderBag™ micro pre-filter can be used to provide additional protection of the Primary and Secondary filters. Smart dust collection systems from a smart company – Dustless Technologies.

BitBuddie™ Dust Shroud for Drilling and Drywall Sawing
The BitBuddie™ is ideal for collecting dust when dry drilling or slurry when wet drilling. We offer two sizes of BitBuddie™ – dust and slurry control shrouds for use with drills, core drills and percussion hammers. The 1-3/8" BitBuddie™ is ideal for cutting sink holes in stone countertops, or anywhere space is tight. The 4" BitBuddie™ can be used for any size of core drill bit up to 4" in diameter. The larger size is also handy for controlling dust when cutting wallboard or sheetrock with a drywall saw. All you have to do is cut a slot with enough room for the saw blade to fit through, and you have a handy way to control dust from drywall sawing. No clamps are necessary with this smart dust control system. The vacuum pressure holds the BitBuddie in place while you work, and it is quick and easy to reposition. The BitBuddie™ is a great way to protect yourself from dust while keeping the job site clean.

HEPA Pack™ Backpack Vacuum
The HEPA Pack™ is ideal for cleaning up on job sites and janitorial applications. It gives the user a convenient way to maneuver and cover a lot of ground without lugging around a wheeled canister. While the HEPA Pack™ is not certified for EPA RRP applications, or designed for hazardous materials, it does use HEPA material in the filter to deliver dust and allergen-free cleaning.

The unit is carried over the shoulders like a backpack and features a back-friendly harness that distributes the weight evenly between the hips and shoulder. This handy vacuum has a 2.5 gallon capacity, weighs only 11 lbs, and features convenient belt-mounted on/off controls.

Each unit comes with a cleaning brush and floor tool attachment and a metal hose that features a pistol grip for operator ease and comfort. Easy push-button lock system gives the operator convenient control of the hose length. The hose extends 3 feet for easy access to floors, ceilings and hard-to-reach areas.

Optional accessories include a floor tool with a beater bar powered by airflow and an AirBender™ Dust Separator. The AirBender™ is required whenever using the unit to capture large quantities of extra fine created by with a drywall sander, grinder or saw. The AirBender™ Accessory separates the majority of dust from the air that reaches the HEPA filter to maintain suction during heavy dust collection.

The HEPA Pack™ features a proprietary filter cleaning system that allows the user to clean the filter without opening the canister. An agitator rod is wiggled side-to-side to knock dust off the interior walls of the primary disposable bag/filter. A reusable cloth bag/filter encompasses the disposable bag/filter to provide an additional layer of filtration and protection for the primary filter. The disposable bag/filter is made of certified HEPA material designed to capture particles down to .3 micron.

Dust Buddy
Dust Buddy is dedicated to helping contractors and remodelers find a Dust Buddy to protect worker health, meet OSHA, EPA and NIOSH guidelines, and implement dustless systems to increase jobsite productivity. Dust Buddy products are made in the United States of America. Dust Buddy respects your privacy and will not share your e-mail address with third parties.

Dust Buddy handles dust control accessories like the DustBuddie®, CutBuddie II™, Dustie®, BitBuddie™, ChipBuddie™ and Turbo Drywall Sander - all from Dustless® Technologies.

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